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Feel the blues




A cracking live band with seasoned international musos oozing from their ranks, playing original contemporary & progressive blues/roots

BB Factory released their debut full length all original album "First World Blues" in May 2018 with every single released so far peaking at #1 on the iTunes Blues/Roots charts. 

Vocals / Harold Jackson
Guitar / Pedro Verhoeven
Keys / Bruce Crouch
Bass / Craig Hamilton
Drums / Cvitan Barac

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First World Blues

by BB Factory

BB Factory released their debut full length all original album "First World Blues" in May 2018 with every single released so far peaking at #1 on the iTunes Blues/Roots charts.

"a dazzlingly authentic, real-deal manifesto" - BlankGC May 2018

“[Save Me] is a hammering blues rock track that sets BB Factory well on their way.” Scenestr.

“a brand-new fast paced interpretation of an eternal tale; a great, new, fresh sound” BASEQ Groove Mag

Harold Jackson - Vocals, Harmonica [USA]

BB Factory singer Jackson’s musical history starts in 1975 when he moved to Red Oak, North Carolina to live with his aunt to escape the gangster lifestyle of his native New York. In an inevitable rite of passage he picked cotton and tobacco, and used backboards driven by mules. He sung in the fields and absorbed the sound of the blues harp being played there. And so Jackson began to sing his own blues with family and friends.

Upon moving back to New York, his father placed Jackson behind the congas in his band. Although it was a Salsa band, they often played the blues for his son. It was during this time that Jackson picked up saxophone, guitar and keyboard, but singing the blues remained his first love.

When Pedro invited Jackson over for a jam at his studio after having met each other at a blues jam, they instantly recognised that they had both found a hybrid sound to be reckoned with.

Thereafter known as BB Factory’s “Toastmaster General”, Jackson is a natural singer able to transpose his voice from the soulful clean to the downright dirty blues shouting from the yesteryear. 

As a marine Jackson happened upon Australian shores in the 80's and as they say 'he came for the Pepsi but stayed for the Coke'.

Pedro Verhoeven - Guitar [NLD]

Also known as the “Professor” because of his work behind the studio console and perhaps for his experimental approach to improvised solos, Pedro found a musical partner in crime when he crossed paths with Jackson.

Born and raised in Holland until age 14, Pedro has been in several original blues/rock bands since arriving in Australia in the early 80’s.   

Like his bandmates, it’s always been the Blues that Pedro has gravitated towards and enjoyed performing the most. It was a hidden track on his all original album ‘Being’ (1999) that showcased his love for improvised blues guitar.

As a regular at blues jams in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Pedro was able to discover the bandmates that would eventually complete BB Factory.

Cvitan Barac - Drums

Since graduating from SCU in 1999 (BContempMus), Cvitan has established himself as a veteran of the blues scene, having been a member of Blind Lemon for 11+ years he has played all the major blues festivals including Byron Blues &Roots and festival, Blues onBroadbeach, the Gympie Muster and many more.

As a sideman, Cvitan has played drums with the likes of Ray Beadle Band, Phil Emmanuel, Phil Manning, Vasti Jackson, Geoff Achison, Lazy Eye, Ross Ward (Wards Express Band Blues Band), Mick Reid Boogie Band, Andrew Baxter Band, BrodieGrahamBand, Wiley Reed Band, Dee Dee Lavell Band to mention just a few.

Affectionately known ashe “Human Metronome” or the “Manchine”, it was actually Cvitan’s ability to authentically play the full gamut of rolling, Texas, cross stick shuffles & swings that stood him out from the rest of the pack when Pedro was looking for BB Factory’s man behind the skins.

Bruce Crouch - Keys [AUS]

Bruce’s keyboard skills provide complementary tones and then some. A self taught talent from an early age, Bruce is originally from the Brisbane area and now resides in Northern NSW. With influences from Blues, Jazz, Rock and Country, Bruce brings a unique smooth style to the ebony and ivory.  Smoky Hammond organ and classic pianos are at the heart of his performances. Some of the bands Bruce has been associated with include Brisbane’s favourite powerhouse party band The Massive Fergusons, The Blue Lanes, Mark Ds Big Three, and Free Soul Collective.

Craig Hamilton - Bass [AUS]

Bass player Craig is originally from the Sunshine Coast and has played with a diverse cross section of bands over the years. One of the highlights was recording the Dave Hole produced Stones And Colours album (1995) and touring the UK and Europe throughout 1997 with the renowned international blues artist Rob Tognoni. He has lived in Brisbane for the last 15 years and made his mark with a number of blues bands including Howlin Time and Whiskey & Rye and various cover bands such as Rockbreaker, Down Under, Just Like That, A Noble Few, The Selfies, Flat Chat, We're No Angels, Harro's Party, Rastafarian Stagedivers, Space Cadet and Engineroom.


Vox Populi - Unedited Listener Reviews

Slow and sultry vibe intro that leads into silky-smooth blues vocals. Completely got into this as if I was a fish captured in a net. Perfectly matched vocals, lyrics and music. Loved this song and this artist knows what he’s doing. Thanks for this listening enjoyment. Amazing work! Keep it up!
— Reverbnation Crowd Review
Nice. Very groovy very bluesy. The singer has some serious soul too. I like the guitar and piano voicings. The over all sound is just superb. Everything is balanced very well and the sound quality is awesome. The singer is definitely singing from the heart and I can tell that every word was thought out and has a good story to it
— Reverbnation Crowd Review
Oh man I love it. Old school blues done right! Love the classic intro and the greasy guitar licks. Nice tinkling of the ivories in the second verse too. This singer has a great voice for the blues. Sings with real conviction. The guitar is hitting all the accents just right. This is an artist I’d love to see perform live. I’m happy this old genre is still getting new songs recorded and new artists are still playing it. I will always be a blues fan and we are legion.
— Reverbnation Crowd Review
Amazing. Loved the lyrics and the perfect pitch voice of this artist. I loved the introduction right to the end. Very similar to the type of music i listen to. I thought the lyrics to this song was tastefully done. I felt the pitch in this artist voice was powerful and classy.
— Reverbnation Crowd Review
This is really good blues. it reminds me of one of the kings of blues BB king my favorite blues artist. nice guitar and vocals I recommend it for the people who love old fashion american blues and other music of the sort. love passion and good music are what keeps people going.
— Reverbnation Crowd Review
Amazing artist. The band played so well you can hear the jazz musicians play with their heart . This is the type of quality music that needs to be played every where! I felt that the artist and the band were very authentic with their music and sound. I I could hear the passion come come the lyrics! I really think this was a master at hand.
— Reverbnation Crowd Review

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